15th International Symposium on Nanomedicine (ISNM20222)

Best Poster Award

Haruka YAMAMOTO  (Tokushima University)

  Induction of neutralizing antibodies by immunization with inactivated human TNF-alpha in mice

Yoshino KAWAGUCHI  (Tokushima University)

   Transfusion of mouse B cells, embedded antigens with hydroxyl PEG modified liposomes in

vitro, induces cellular immune responses in mice

Poster Award

  Kaichi NAGAI  (Tohoku University)

    Tracking viscosity changes and aggregation via LLPS by fluorescence lifetime measurement of a viscosity probe

  Eslam RAMADAN (Tokushima University)

    Preparation, optimization, and evaluation of anionic DPPG-based LNPs for delivery peptide antigens

  Aiko HASHIMOTO  (Tokushima University)

    Differential organ-specific distribution of human serum albumin denatured by various modifications

  Masato MACHIDA  (Tohoku University)

    Observation of metabolic processes of prodrug nanoparticles in a single cell using Raman and autofluorescence microscopy

  Kaito NAKATA  (National Institute of Natural Sciences)         

    Amyloid-β dimers enhance localized fast calcium elevations in astrocytes

  Ko UENO (Osaka Metropolitan University)

    Optical Resonance Trapping of Nanoparticles by Two-Color Laser Beams