14th International Symposium on Nanomedicine (ISNM2021)

Mochizuki Chihiro (Yamaguchi University)

The synthesis of luminescence Au(I) complex-containing thiol-organosilica nanoparticles and their application for cell imaging

Miki Yutaro (Tohoku University)

Fabrication of highly fluorescent FRET NPs for the investigation of intracellular behavior

Takata Haruka (Tokushima University)

The induction level of anti-PEG IgM by PEGylated liposomes depends on the route of administration and the presence of nucleic acids

Yamade Rina (Tokushima University)

Human serum albumin (HSA)-based nanocarriers efficiently deliver antigens to the spleen and induce antigen-specific humoral immunity

Nashimoto Kentaro (Yokohama National University)

Effect of DC magnetic field on third harmonic components of Cu-Zn ferrite nanoparticles

Heo Hyeonu (University of North Texas)

Acoustic spectrometer for analyte sensing using defects in phononic crystals